Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BOOK REVIEW 2015-029 - A NEWER TESTAMENT - Misanthropology Unleased

I received a copy of this book from a giveaway I won on and the following is my honest opinion for this book.

As a Book Reviewer with over 80 books under my belt [with the VAST MAJORITY having been done since August/September of last year] I’ve learned how to approach the various genres of books I’ve reviewed, from children’s books all the way up to erotica, with one book which might be construed as being “smut.”

In reading “A Newer Testament – Misanthrology Unleashed” I noticed the zany, “planned” chaotic manner of the writing.  I read this particular book twice. The first read had been to get the “feel” of the book; the second had been more for its contents.

To begin with none of the book has been written in any sort of “traditional” manner, for example the first four items of book consists of precisely what this section of the book states, “CONVERSATIONS.” 

There is no narrative written whatsoever instead you get a chorus taking its place. In this section you get, for example, you have an operatic retelling of the OJ trail, as if there hasn’t been enough of rehashing of it already; with somewhat outrageous, and highly opinionated remarks of such topics as race and the right to have free speech.

Here in this section there is an outrageous fictitious trial of L. Frank Baum [wizard of Oz fame] for having written editorial which had been supporting genocide.

This is only of same of what awaits you as you read this book for which 

I’m crazy but still sane enough to give 4 STARS.

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