Thursday, November 13, 2014


It’s Christmastime and once again Nicky Wells has offered her readers another novella in the Christmas spirit. “Fairy Tale in New York” is the fourth time I’ve had the pleasure of reading one of her writing endeavors/endeavours.

It’s a been about a year since I read this author’s first Christmas novella, “Spirits of Christmas,” where Jude learns the true meaning of the holiday, and wins back the love of his girlfriend Carrie. Now a year later he has taken her and their baby Maya to New York City for a pre-Christmas vacation/holiday, where they experience the holiday season in a much different manner they’d planned.

Everything’s basically fine, fine that is until Jude, with his still newly found Christmas spirit, gives up their seats back to someone else who needed to desperately get back to the U.K. because his wife is in labor/labour. They stay an extra day in the man’s hotel suite after which they’ve got no place to stay since all the hotels are booked and the falling snow has shut down the city. They wind up experiencing Christmas Eve, as well as the next two days, with the sheer joy of helping others.   

I’ve once again enjoyed reading something from the mind of this author that I’m more than happy to give it 5 STARS. And if haven’t her previous Christmas novella, “The Spirits of Christmas,” I recommend you do.

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