Sunday, November 2, 2014


Meditation has been something which had first interested me during my years at college a few decades; now being retired for almost five years I feel I need to pick it up again.

I found Shelley Wilson’s “Wellbeing Workshop: Meditation - a beginner's guide” to be, as I best can describe, a wonderful booklet which gives its read a decent understanding of this subject. Within its pages you read about both the physiological and psychological benefits, and briefly discusses the different levels of meditation: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta; as well as a few exercises which can be.

Ms. Wilson’s endeavor here allows its readers to decide if meditation is something they’d like to get into to improve their own well-being by searching out classes in their community and books which go into much greater detail than has been presented here.

It should be noted that Ms. Wilson writing uses the British spelling of words which might look strange to those unfamiliar with it.

On the other hand, I found her booklet to be a marketing tool for her own meditation business in the UK, which is why I can only give it 3 STARS.

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