Sunday, October 26, 2014


Disaster struck soon after I did my last post which had been for my 12th book review here for Michael Storrings New York in Four Seasons, on October 14th, my computer died. I called the concierge service I have on my computer from DELL. They walked me through a series of things to do, none of which proved to be successful. Unfortunately with the weekend approaching they couldn’t arrange for one of their certified technicians to come to my home.

When Monday came I finally received a call from the technician to arrange for an appointment to come to me, which luckily would be the next day. But unfortunately the cards were against me and he didn’t receive the part he ordered [the computer’s “motherboard”] this meant he’d come to my home the next day [Wednesday].

I should have realized the dreary overcast day with periods of rain would be the sign that nothing I’d hope will come to pass. It turned out this would be the case, because try he might, the technician could bring my computer back to life. He then immediately ordered the power supply thing-of-ma-gig which distributes the power throughout the computer. Luckily he’d come to my home before noon which meant the new part would be able to be shipped later that day. This made it seven days, an entire week; I’d be without the use of my computer.

In the morning I saw another dreary day when I looked out of one of my windows, I prayed I wouldn’t have a repeat of the day before. When the technician arrived on Thursday, I felt my heart palpitating as he installed the new part and then hit the start button on the front of the computer’s tower. When he did I heard the whirling sound of my computer coming back to life, the operation had been 100% successful. He then made sure all the settings for the computer had been correct before closing the housing for the computer.

I thanked him profusely for bringing my baby, my computer, back to life. However I still couldn’t actually use when he left due to an appointment I needed to keep. When I finally turned the computer on for the first time in almost eight days I had an unbelievable amount of emails to sort through [almost 2,500] on all of my addresses, as well as other items to handle.

The only good thing about all this had been it afforded the time to complete editing for my anthology manuscript. It took me the rest of Thursday and the entire day Friday to catch up with ALL of my emails. Yesterday, Saturday, October 25th, I rested and entered about 10 pages of edits/rewrites for my anthology manuscript.

I’m now sending out emails, tweets, etc to/for people I couldn’t do for the pass 10 days. 

This week I’d love to finish entering my edits on my computer so I can replace the items I deleted, this time I’m going to make sure I don’t need any editing my writing extra slow. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on reading the e-books I haven’t been able to read and then writing my reviews for each one.

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