Saturday, September 29, 2012


As you read in my last post on the 27th, I’ve gotten back the edits for Chapters 35-39 on Thursday, after which I sent the real final chapter to my editor. I received this final chapter back from my editor, she said she liked the different way in which I ended the story.
Anyway today I entered her edits into my actual manuscript and asked two questions regarding them. The great thing is she has already answered them. Right now she’d like me to finish entering her edits, polish the manuscript off, and move it along to get published. This is something I definitely want to do more sooner than later.

As far as my muses are concerned, I’m well underway starting my second novel. Yesterday I wrote one chapter consisting of six pages and about 1,400 words; and today I got five pages written, with about 1,300 words. So with these eleven pages and 2,700 words done in two days, if I can keep this rate up, I might be able to complete this yet untitled writing endeavor in about a month or at the most two. This is barring any distractions such as my muses telling me to write something for the YA novel they had given me at the same time as the one I’m currently working on.

I’ll be posting daily progress notes on my twitter every morning, so follow me here =

My current writing endeavor will be a contemporary romance with paranormal elements throughout.

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