Sunday, July 23, 2017


I read this book via an Amazon-US KINDLE Unlimited download.

For some reason, after reading/reviewing the genres I’ve done recently, I wanted to read some poetry, poetry which encompasses, when I happen to find this collection of 50 poems written by Mahiraj Jadeja.

This collection leaves its readers with a relatively intense emotional yet naive foray into love, and does it in a manner which is both pure and intense. What surprised me the most regarding this poet, is that this poet is a male who must have allowed his feminine side to come out, since the imagines which are created as someone reads these poems are quite vivid, and are successful in showing the personal and subtle feelings of love in an unadulterated state; an unadulterated state some readers have yet to experience.

Given what this poet has succeeded in doing, I’m pleased to give the 5 STARS he deserves in receiving.

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