Sunday, February 7, 2016


I received a mobi.file which contained ALL THREE volumes of this Young Adult Paranormal series from the author through a giveaway on Marie Lavender’s FaceBook site and the following is my honest opinion.

While the purist might say this book needs to have some editing done; I found the author, writing in the first person of the book’s protagonist, Petra aka “Pink”, adds a certain charm to both the narrative and dialogue in each of the book’s three segments.

In Volume 1, we’re introduced to “Pink”, as Petra prefers to be called.  Pink, who although is not one of the prettiest girl at school, she’s smart and has plenty of resources available to her.

When Seth’s asks for an insincere date with him, while she adores him, Pink and her friends seek some revenge for it.

But things begin to chance when two new and mysterious boys [one of them is called “G” who Pink come to her school, they say they’re angels on a mission and tell Pink she’s very special and the key to the survival of the universe. Naturally, given she knows her place in the hierarchy at her school, she’s quite dubious and skeptical. However, this changes when both Heaven and Hell arrive at her doorstep.

Once you’re drawn into Pink’s personae, you’re drawn into the story itself and are eager to turn the pages to the last page of this segment, and can’t wait to begin reading Volume 2.

In Volume 2, Greg’s assignment has changed, luckily since Pink gad gotten tired of his interference in her life. The tug-of-war between Heaven and Hell continues to increase with Pink playing the part of the rope. Pink learns the price which had been paid for the resurrection of her mother; she’s in mortal danger since Hell is not known for losing graciously.  With angel in her life who has his own agenda, and a demon who has no idea of when to give up and surrender. Pink’s life has become more complicated than ever. And with one of friends on a quest to find the perfect man to be in her life, and her other friend in a secretive relationship, Pink’s life can never be the sane.

Volume 3 has an Armageddon is afoot and Pink whether she likes it or not is at the center. Both the envoys of Heaven and Hell are getting closer and closer to Zero Ground and to her home which is something she can no longer sweep under the rug as if it meant nothing. Pink knows she can’t go down without a fight and she has loads of stuff she must do, like helping her family, figuring out who her true friends are. Everything is coming to a head; past romances, loves, etc begin to be fulfilled, there are new challenges which creep up, and emotions are running amok. What the upshot of everything is, I can’t reveal; it’s for you to find out when you read each of the books in this series.

For an interesting and fun reading experience I’ve given each book in this series 5 STARS.






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