Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I have a policy of not accepting any requests for review a book, the only books I review are those I personally want to read or are those I’ve won in the various giveaways I enter on a regular on-going basis for books I’m interested in reading/reviewing. With no books on my TBReviewed pile I decided to check out Amazon for KINDLE books being given a way for FREE.

When I came across this book I felt it would be a good time to have a book like this in my library as there are many mornings I feel as I need something inspirational with which to start my day; and this book is definitely fits what I need.

Each day of the year starts off with a thought and a wonderful quotation from the Good Book for it.  Each citation gives you which version of the bible it has been taken from; NKJV [New King James Version], NIV [New International Version], NLT [New Living Translation], etc.; which is then followed by an appropriate brief vignette for what you’ve read for the day.

I just caught up to today’s date and the book has most definitely fulfilled its intention as far as I’m concerned.  Even though we’re into February now, you can start reading it from the day you get this book and continue reading it for the days you’ve missed. In fact there’s no reason you can’t go on reading it for years.

While the book is entitled “Daily Wisdom for Women – 2016 Devotional Collection,” I feel a great deal of men can benefit from the book as well, which is why I given the Staff of Barbour 5 STARS for their endeavor here.

NOTE: A brief bio for each of the contributors for this book is also given.

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