Friday, July 24, 2015


I can’t believe it’s been 16 days since I last posted a status report. With all that’s been happening since I had a nurse and a social worker coming to our home to discuss the care for my OH I’ve been involved with a multitude of tasks connected to it.

I finally got around to organizing all the paperwork and bills surrounding the supplies and care. The finances we’ve worked out seem to holding their own as we’re in no dire need of funds to pay any of the care related or regular household expenses. THANK GOODNESS the job I had required me to work with spreadsheets, so using the several I’ve created allows us to visually see where we stand on an almost daily basis, especially since I updating everything the moment there’s a change. The home care department of the hospital we’re affiliated with, thanks to our regular physician, has provided us with what we really needed for my dear’s care.

We finally got a Physical Therapist to come to do an evaluation regarding treatment and we’re waiting now for the authorization for treatment to come through.  A specialist came and has set up a new regiment of medication in order for my OH to get weaned off the medicine which had created the situation we’re in now, and which will hopefully lead us onto the road of a full recovery.

I haven’t realized the toll all this has taken on me until this past week. For the past week I’m falling asleep in the middle of each day for about two hours; and even more recently a stomach virus has taken over me greatly reducing my ability to eat any regular food as well.  A good chicken soup with noodles does indeed work wonders.

The rhythm of being able to do any of my regular daily online tasks/routine has been decimated, particularly my doing book reviews, which since becoming a Book Reviewer last year almost become a real passion with me. This is probably due to my current inability to focus on things. In fact, today [7/24] is the first day I’ve felt somewhat like my usual self.

I’m glad my Amazon Reviewer Ranking hasn’t really suffered account of this, and I’m grateful the timing of this has come at a time where I’ve got no real backlog of books to review [due to the lack of my luck in] winning any giveaways on the internet I usually enter. While receiving a YES for a review I’ve written on Amazon is nice for my ranking there, I do wish I would receive a comment now and then concerning my book reviews as I’d love to know how I’m actually doing in writing them.

The weekend is now upon us and I’d love for everyone to have a GREAT WEEKEND with your families. !!!  :-) :-) :-)

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