Sunday, July 26, 2015


I received a mobi.file [KINDLE] version of this book through a giveaway on LibraryThing in return for an honest review.

My OH and I have no children but have enjoyed our “fur babies” since being married for the past 21 ½ years and know how wonderful they can be in making us feel better when we need it the most. Being a cat lover I enter any giveaway that is offering a book where a cat is one of the main characters, which is why I’m grateful I won a copy of this book.

Billy is a sweet kid who’s been dealt a bad existence which no kid should ever be put through. To begin with he’s the adoptive child of a pair of parents who don’t seem to know how to deal with him. He’s constantly being bullied by his classmates, made by victim of pranks, and naturally because of this has no one to call a friend. To make matters worse at the beginning of summer he gets hit by a car; breaking a leg.

Anyone who’s ever adoptive a cat knows you don’t adopt a cat, the cat adopts you. Once attached cats usually can sense when you need them as they show up purring, nuzzling against your hand or another body part. Such is the case when a black cat comes into Billy’s life and he starts to feel better about himself and things in general.

The cat’s presence starts Billy off on an adventure, which take the form of a series of dreams into a fantasy world in which all the creatures are able to speak. This realm is one of pure fantasy where the Watchers, the Shadows, and the Enemy That Awakens take a part in the quest Billy must follow and complete in order to find a key which will release the voices he hears. There are important lessons which must Billy must learn along the way, and if he’s successful in this quest, will Billy also be released from his current predicament.

The storyline is fast-spaced which aids in making this book a true page-turner which segues from one scene to the next, and the writing is quite vivid all leading up to the reason I’m giving this book 5 STARS.    


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