Monday, February 16, 2015


For a chance of pace I wanted to read something which didn’t have a lot of hot sexual scenes or dialogue to read. I wanted something with a tad of romance and elements of some genres I haven’t really read yet. I believed I’d found  it when I chose “Maggie's Story” by Ava Louise. The book is actually Book 1 of a stand-alone series entitled “Intergalactic Matchmaking Services.”

What is a woman [Maggie Cline] to do after having been left at the altar by the man she apparently adored, Jon Mercer, and thought he felt the same way about her?  If you can imagine how you would feel if this happen to you, then you’ll know how she must have felt. In front of all those close to you, friends and family you’ve now been shamed, embarrassed and literally stripped of any and all dignity you possess.

To start anew, she takes a teaching position in Washington; however, this turns out to be her undoing as she becomes an eye witness to a murder, with her life being threatened by gang members, and the police apparently uninterested in her plight. Maggie finds a flyer advertising an opportunity for a relationship with an alien. After passing the required tests she’s accepted and gets introduced to Daxon an alien from a planet lacking women.

I’m not going to go into what happens next, but I loved the adventurous spirit Maggie to relocate to a planet she never heard. And being a cat lover, I loved her refusing to go without her precious cat, Mamzell.

The story is fast spaced which made it a relatively fast read. I’d loved to give this book 5 STARS, but unfortunately many aspects of this story didn’t developed to their full potential, which is why I’m only giving 4 STARS.

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