Monday, February 16, 2015


With my having recently review two books off two of my TBR lists I decided to review one off the third list I have. This time I decided to read/review Suzy Turner’s “Daisy Madigan’s Paradise.” When I read this book I had no knowledge it is actually part of a series, which indicates how this book a great stand-alone novella on its own.

How much is one individual expected to cope with, especially, since she’s about to that all important age in a girl’s life, sixteen? To begin with her mother dies, and then the inability of her father to cope with this causes him to start drinking which leads with to disappear out of Daisy’s fractured life.

Daisy is now homeless with no one to turn to for the dire help she needs, and is increasingly being bullied at school which had started even before the death of her mother. I have to wonder whether her being a “ginger” had anything to do with the treatment she receives from her classmates. A “ginger” for those who are unfamiliar with the term is someone who has red hair and freckles.

When she reaches the age of sixteen a strange tattoo mysteriously appears on her arm. At this same time Jack, a wonderful guy who isn’t judgmental about her homeless condition, enters her life and becomes her only friend.

Daisy is lucky in that she receives some support from the local merchants in her town who have taken pity on her circumstances. She finally finds solitude and safety in the last place you would imagine at Abney Park, the local cemetery. While living here she soon discovers she has the ability to communicate to ghosts. Unfortunately there is an evil presence there, “The Skulls,” who are out to hunt and harm the ghosts and any human prey which happens to be in the cemetery at night. Will the additional powers she learns she now has be enough to defeat them.

Please note this author uses the British spelling of words so words like “organized” and “neighbors” get spelled “organised” and “neighbours” respectfully, in addition to British terms which might seem strange.

“Daisy Madigan’s Paradise” is an age-appropriate novella whose delightful and vivid writing by Suzy Turner, makes it an absorbing, page-turning reading experience.  And the reason I’m giving it 5 STARS.


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