Saturday, January 12, 2013


I know, December 29th had been the last time I posted an entry where I stated I wouldn’t look at the sales ranking for my debut novel, “I Kissed a Ghost.” However since then I changed my mind to wait a full month before looking at it. 
From my last entry until this past Thursday [Jan 9th] I’d been busy marketing my book. On this day I found out to my surprise someone had nominated my book for a poll on GoodReads.—-whatever-reads-the-2-books-with-the-most-votes-will-win …

So if you’re already on GoodReads, I’d truly appreciate it if you’d consider voting for me. However, to actually vote for me you need to belong to the group the poll is on—-paranormal-romance-urban-fantasy

It’s a good feeling when an author gets nominated, a feeling which can only be surpassed by winning. The top two vote getters are selected for the group’s read for February. Naturally the moment I found out about my being selected I started to spread the news about it. Only after I did this, did I get a message from someone who pointed out a problem existed when you went to view pages of my book on Amazon. It showed the pages of the book having multiple fonts on one page; which might be the reason apparently no one has bought the book yet. To see the problem I’m speaking about, here’s the link to my book o Amazon.

I’ve reported the problem and been advised this situation is being worked on, and everything should be corrected in the next few days.

With my dream of becoming a published author fulfilled, can my dream of being a bestselling author also be fulfilled?

With all this happening I’ve decided to put writing my next novel on hold for a while longer, this will definitely become the case such happen to be selected in the poll.

THANKS for your support and being a follower.

Hoping everyone here and your families will have a VERY Happy New Year.

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  1. New follower. Hope you'll return the favor! Glad to hear your problem with Amazon has been cleared up and hope you get your wish.

    P. G. Shriver