Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well with my first writing endeavor making the way to its’ release day, and my having taken a few days rest from writing, I’ve returned to the world of imagination as I restart my second writing endeavor.

I orginally started my second journey of being an author while still writing my first novel, I Kissed a Ghost. Has you’ve read in my other entries I suffered from writer’s block and my muses wouldn’t leave me alone unless I wrote something, I did, and the only version I could find had ten chapters /17,800 [I might have had more but this is what I could find.] Yesterday, I restated by second journey by re-reading and tweaking the first chapter; and naturally looking at what I had written with a set of “new” eyes I’ve made changes.

It should take me a few days before I should be able to write any new material. This time I’m writing a yet still untitled adult Contemporary Paranormal. Another change I’m making this time is I’m writing everything as it would appear on an actual page of the book. I figure if I do this now, I’ll be able to save time formatting the pages when I’m ready to submit the manuscript for publication. Naturally when I get ready to deal with my editor again I’ll change everything to 8 x 11 doubled-spaced pages.

Stayed tuned to my future postings to follow what’s happen, and tell your friends about my blog.


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