Saturday, March 24, 2012


I'm still suffering from writer's block. But I believe it's a different kind of writer's block which authors usually face.
At this point in time, I still need about 7,800 more words which equates to about five more chapters. While I don't know exactly what to write next, my mind has jumped ahead to the LAST CHAPTER and has it about 95% completed, and it seems to be writing the final chapters backwards.
I don't know whether I should write what I already have in mind, and then worry about bridging the "backward" written chapters together; or to keep what I have in mind until I can put those words unto paper.

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  1. Hi I am going through a similar issue at the moment with my first novel. For some reason I find those final chapters such a struggle. I skipped forward a few chapters and wrote the end and now I am just trying to fill in the gaps. The headway is slow but at least there is some forward momentum which stave's off that dreaded writers block :)