Monday, February 3, 2014


I can’t believe last week I’d written out my reply to Lillie’s prompt of SPARKS in WORD as I usually do, and because of everything else I’d been engaged in doing, I totally forgot to post it on my blog and the link on the FSF site.

Anyway, here’s my response to Lillie’s prompt of FROZEN for this week.


Frank and his wife loved to travel near and far.

Racing from their home they’d take a trip to a new far flung place of the world every time they could get a week away together from their jobs.

On their late such trip fate stepped in and threw them and the rest of their fellow travelers a tragic blow.

ZEus, the God of sky and thunder caused their plane’s door to open mid-flight when its zenith had been reached.

Now, when rescuers found the plane to their surprise intact on a high mesa; the found all the passengers in their seats, FROZEN in time, when the fateful opening of the plane’s door occurred.


  1. Great write, Robin! Did they return to normal when thawed out so to speak? I wonder...

    1. THANKS for the compliment.

      Unfortunately none of the passengers did thaw out. While what I wrote in fictional, the part about being frozen solid is NOT. I'd based it on news stories which involved an event with took place on August 15, 2005 where 121 passengers had been found "frozen. solid" after a sudden cabinet depressurization occurred.

      The air temperature at 35,000 feet is around -40 degrees F, and don't forgot in an airplane everyone is regular indoor clothing and there's some heat in the plane..