Sunday, February 2, 2014


I wanted so much to keep the promise I made in my last post, however it appears this hadn't been in my cards. I had a sudden onslaught of people wanting to and becoming my friends on GoodReads; I reply to each one individually. As I said in that post I'd just started to read "Sophie's Turn" by Nicky Wells; well I finished reading it on January 31st and post a 4 Star review on Amazon. Decided to take a breather yesterday so naturally today I've got a backlog of over 250 items to check out/read in my mailboxes.

With my keeping the New Year Resolution I made, I'm going to start posting all of my book reviews on my blog here, as well as my duplicate blogs on and on

Hope to start reading everyone's comments again.

Have a GREAT WEEK :-)  :-) :-)

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