Friday, February 3, 2017


One of reasons I’ve loved reading this anthology of five stories written by authors we’ve come to love is that being a child of the 1950’s I had been around to watch 10 seasons of the award winning comedy/romance television series known as “The Love Boat” [1977-1987].  
While the show’s weekly episodes contained three interconnected vignettes, all taking place on a single cruise, all the stories here take place on a singles cruise taking place around/on Valentine’s Day, and you can’t have a better time of year than this for romance.

And like the television show this collection also contains a variety of known storylines for what we all hope will end in a HEA.  Storylines like the hope of finding romance for the first time, rekindling the one two individuals once had, getting a second chance in having a HEA after a disastrous divorce custody fightr, as well as a Cinderella type story of a woman dreaming that a guy she’s known forever actually does love her for real.

For allowing their readers to fantasize about being in each of these captivating individual stories, I’ve decided to give the authors of the stories in this anthology 5 STARS for their efforts.

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