Monday, October 24, 2016


I know it has been over three weeks since my last Status Report but as you’ll see I’ve been extremely busy. During the past 24 days I’ve:

Read/reviewed 16 books.

Today I’ve posted 2 reviews on which completes my reading challenge goal there of reading/reviewing 200 books by the end of this year.

I can’t believe it’s been about 26 months since I decided to officially become a Book Reviewer and as of the writing of this Status Report I’ve read/reviewed 429 books with an Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 3,278. My 2nd second career since retiring from my NYCity civil service job has become far more successful than my second career as a romance author.

I’ve judge 5 entries for one reading contest, and I’m in the process of judging 3 entries for a RWA Chapter contest where I’ve just completed judging one entry today.

As you’ve read in my previous Status Reports, I’ve entered two different RWA Chapter’s writing contests and I’m now in the process of trying to complete both the adult Contemporary novel and the Erotic novella before the end of the end so my completed manuscripts can be ready in case I should be declared a finalist in either/both contests I’ve entered and someone wants to see the completed manuscript. As far as the status of my manuscripts is concerned; the adult Contemporary is about 84% completed compared to about 48% for the erotic novella.

My intention of interviewing authors for my blog here has fallen to the wayside since I failed to get anyone interested in being interviewed by me.

My dear followers, I would love to read any comments you might have.

As a reminder, you can find my reviews here:

And more as to who I am here: :-)

Have a GREAT WEEK with whatever you do !!!  :-) :-) :-)


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