Sunday, April 3, 2016


As we ALL know it’s that time of year again when we have do gather our papers and head over to our wonderful tax preparer to find out whether we’ll need to cough up some more money to our UNCLE SAM, our cousin the governor, and depending where you live you might have another relative looking to get your monies.

Usually we’ve no problems. But this year, with all that has happened to my dear OH, we’re itemizing our deductions; which means looking for and compiling the documentation to back up each deduction we’re claiming.

Because of this, and the continued drought in my winning giveaways I’ve had until the end of March we forced me to look for free KINDLE books to read/review.  The good thing is, this drought appears to have come to an end as I won 6 books in the last three days. Now it all depends on how fast I will receive them.

With 280 reviews now on Amazon and with a Amazon Reviewer Ranking of 5,123, I can finally see myself fulfilling my dream, ever since I decided to start my 2nd second career since retiring, in getting BELOW 5,000 before the end of this month.

So if you’re ever looking to get another book to read, or to give one as a gift, you’re always welcomed to check out my reviews on Amazon.

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