Thursday, November 5, 2015


After beginning to read the last book I had on my TBReviewed file on October 28, 2015 I decided to take of few days rest from the grind of reviewing books. It had been a relatively quick read, so I’d finished reading it in a few hours and decided to write my review later in the day. However, reveling in the fact that my review file had been decimated I forgot about the posting of my review.

When Sunday, November 1st came I knew I had to post something about the massive giveaway The Romance Reviews was having during the month of November which I’m involved with, I noticed I’d neglected to post the missing review. I wrote the review in WORD and then posted it in the all of the internet websites I usually post in, plus my two blogs.

It had been shortly after this I began to get hit with a double whammy, a stomach virus and swollen gums, needless to say I was in no condition to be able to concentrate on any book review or really anything else on the internet, and deleted the emails which I knew had been unimportant. When I felt well enough to resume my usual daily routine I found I now have about 12 books on my TBR list, which meant entering these books onto the spreadsheets I use to keep track of the books I’m reading/reviewing. Now I’m left in sort of a quandary as to which to read first so I can get through this backlog in the shortest period of time.

Please join me at TRR “YES PARTY” I wrote about this past Sunday.

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