Monday, March 24, 2014


Sorry for the delay. I wanted to publish this entry on Sunday but got sidetracked with other matters.

While I’ve made some progress this past week it hasn’t been what I’d wanted to have accomplished.

This week I spent some time tightening what I’ve already written for my YA Fantasy romance novel.  While there hasn’t been any substantial change in the length I now have two completed chapters. 

My progress in writing my second WIP “His Darkest Secret” is still continuing. In the past week I’ve written another chapter consisting of 4 pages and approximately 1,100 words, which bring the total for this endeavor to a total of 37 Chapters, 243 pages with approximately 72,100 words. At this time I estimate I’ll need about three more chapters before I can type that elusive final period of my manuscript.  [I've just double checked my math I actually have 247 pages done with 72,100 words, somehow I'd transposed two numbers when I wrote them down - 03/27/14.]

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 83 items with 4 new ones having been written in the past week.

For my third project, “It Had All Been a Game”, I’ve corrected the formatting of each page and have also added page numbers and left/right page headers.[pages for the WORD file for this manuscript look like a page from an actual book]. In addition to the reformatting I’ve only written about 320 words, bringing the total to three chapters, 21 pages and approximately 6,160 words.


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