Sunday, June 10, 2012


I've been called for GRAND JURY, four days a week for four weeks. Needless to say that this takes a great deal of time away from my writing as I get lots of emails each day.

During the down time between hearing each case, I've attempted to do some writing, but with everyone talking about different topics and my wanting to join in, there's no time to write. I tried doing some re-reading and editing, and with the noise which is created by everyone else, I can't seem to concentrate.

In the meantime, I did an outline of what I want to write about in each chapter. At this time I've already written 31 chapters, on 191 double-space pages, with about 49,600 words. and anticipate I'll need another 25 pages or about 6,200 additional words before I can type the LAST PERIOD.


  1. Jury duty is always a wierd break in any schedule. Maybe you'll get information for future scenes in your novel there. Interesting people show up there...Thanks for the follow by the way. I look forward to your writing blogs.

  2. Hope that you will be able to squeeze in a little more writing time. I remember the last time I had jury duty I thought I would get so much done, but with all the chatting around me I was in the same boat as you. Hope the case is at least interesting.