Sunday, May 6, 2012


Here I go, moving right along with my current re-reading and editing of my manuscript, when I decide I need to move the action for a section of the story. Easier said than done. While the change had been easy to make, but now come the tedious task of making sure of the continuity for the story which has taken place. No one would want to have a simple error like this to be spotted a reader.
The location for the action in this section does make sense.

I've had a slow down in my progress, which I WILL NOT CERTAIN ends this week. I'm aiming to be finished with the re-read/edit as well as the entire manuscript to be finished before the end of this month. 

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  1. Good luck with this first novel ! Saw you on LinkedIn.

  2. Take your time. One comment literary agents often make is, the biggest mistake most writers make is submitting before their manuscript is really ready. I know I've done this. Editing can often take as long or as longer than writing the book. More importantly, congratulations on finishing your novel, a major accomplishment! Peggy ~ I found you on Linkedin.

    1. I wish I was finished writing my novel. I'm only 75% finished with my current set or re-reading/editing. Once I finished with the rate of 4 pages/day I should be finished in about 2 weeks (current anticipated pages I still have to write.
      I'm also trying to have the final words of the novel as the title for this still yet untitle manuscript. The hard part of this, is not having sound like this has been forced. These words will have to sound like a natural ending.

  3. We love following your progress, so be sure to keep us updated!