Saturday, September 5, 2015


Besides being ECSTATIC from being accepted as a Book Reviewer for The Romance Reviews website on August 25, 2015, I became ECSTATIC again on Wednesday because my OH had finally come home from hip surgery and REHAB; so perhaps now I can get some decent sleep. The only difference now will be getting used to sleeping on opposite sides of the bed due to the side of the body the surgery had been performed on.

My Amazon Ranking is slowly increasing to my goal of 5,000 by the end of this month, September; and right now it’s at 6,606 with 171 reviews.

As my ranking improves, I’m now once again starting to get requests to review books. Perhaps these authors feel I might be able to help them regarding their books. Not to be inundated with books I’ve got no interest in reading, I’m still only reviewing those books I’ve won through the giveaways I enter regularly and those I have a personal desire to read.

With the kids back to school, some of my readers will have some more time to relax and perhaps start reading books again. If this is you, you’re always invited to check out my reviews:

, and perhaps one of my reviews will prove to be useful in your decision making process of which book to read.

And with my dear OH home, perhaps I can have some normalcy return to my life and I can hopefully return to my current writing endeavors something I’ve really not done this entire year, and to increase my internet activities like being interviewed or doing interviews myself again.

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