Wednesday, September 16, 2015


What young girl hasn’t kept a diary or at least wanted to where she could write the “secrets” of her daily exploits away from the prying eyes of her friends, parents and especially a possible brother.  While some used an old-fashioned school notebook, others had a real one with which locked. In Fern Mabel Burns’ case it had been a sequined one she got from her grandmother for her 12th birthday. It began became a true, loyal confident who would always be there to help her recall any event in the past.

Ms. Omata allows her readers to gain access to this wonderful journey of a middle-aged woman who has just discovered the worst sign of aging any she could have possibly gotten - - that first gray hair. For Fern it couldn’t have happen on any other day, but on her 42nd birthday, the day she begins every year to start writing a new diary. And in this one she’s begins by reminiscing her younger days as well as introducing herself.

I found this book to be a comedic contemporary romance novel of a woman experiencing all facets of life: love, dating, a guy never seeming to have time for her when she wants/needs it, secrets being kept, etc.

As you read this book you must remember it’s not the kind of storyline you’ve become used in reading; it’s a diary. And like a diary it’s not just about the actual events Fern has experienced, but also how she actually felt about them, including her dreams, fears and ideas at various stages of my life.

At times as I read a dated entry I, as you will, remember have shared the same experience sometime in my life; which is why I giving this book 5 STARS.

NOTE: I requested/then received a free download of this book from the author through The Romance Reviews website in return for my honest opinion and have already posted this review there.


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