Saturday, July 4, 2015


Having just read/reviewed the last book I had in possession which I’d won in a giveaway, I decided it’s time again to once selection another book which has been written by a member of the internet support site I belong.  With the myriad of genres I’ve reviewed and with the same holding true for the members of this support group, I chosen to go with another romance book. Perusing the listing of romance books I wanted one which would be relatively touching in the storyline it contains. In the end and to my satisfaction I’d selected this book by Stevie Turner.

This is precisely the kind of book I really needed to read at this time given what’s been happening in my life regarding my OH.

While parts of the storyline tugged at my heartstrings, the humor it contains helped balance the darker portions, as did the message of hope.  The story of two middle-age individual suffering with cancer is one which quite a lot of readers can easily relate to, whether it be one of a strictly personal nature, or one which involves a close relative. Both of her characters needed to find/have someone who would easily understand what they’re going through and to hold their hand as they undergo their journey to fight the scourge which has invaded their body.

I wouldn’t have given this book the title it has because I didn’t really see anything unusual about it; rather I’d have called Ms. Turner’s endeavor here. “A Real Life Kismet,” since it’s based partially on factual events.

The level of emotion the story contains leads this reviewer to sense a lot of it is coming from the author herself as she writes about what has transpired in this segment of her own life. 

Given the bravery Ms. Turner has shown here in writing her book, I’m delighted to give it 5 STARS.  

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