Monday, July 13, 2015


With the posting of my last book review I’ve hit a milestone in my 2nd second career as a Book Reviewer which I began only 10 months ago. I’ve now 150 reviews listed on Amazon, with 96% of my reviews being deemed helpful; and a Ranking of 7,756.

I wish my other second career as an author, could be just as successful.  The first novel I wrote is a sweet MG/YA Paranormal Romance novel entitled, "I Kissed a Ghost" which currently has currently has a decent average of 4.1 STARS based on 22 Reviews 

My second book is a collection of 100 Flash Fictions I’ve written, with the vast majority of them consisting of only five sentences. The book is entitled “Micro Fiction – An Anthology” and it has so far received two wonderful 5 STAR reviews.

I currently have two WIPs in the process of being written, with both of them about 85% - 90% completed.

The first is an adult Contemporary Romance with a paranormal element running through parts of the storyline which is entitled,
“His Darkest Secret.”  The second is a MG/YA Urban Fantasy novella entitled “The Secret of the Well” and is a stand-alone sequel to my first novel which has a romance has a backstory.

I’m also in the process of compiling a second volume for my Micro Fiction Anthology. I wouldn’t have these two careers in addition to being a blogger, etc. since my retirement, if not for you my followers. So THANKS for being here.

Love and Hugs

Robin Leigh Morgan

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