Saturday, July 11, 2015

BOOK REVIEW # 2007-081 - CLEAN EATING MIRACLE: 52 Chef Habits

I received a PDF.file copy of this book in connection with an internet giveaway and the following is my honest opinion.

Having been retired for 5 years and having my OH retiring at the end of last year [and putting aside my dear’s current physical condition], I wanted for us to start eating heartier something we’ve not really done in the past.

The beauty of Ms. Rupp’s book is that while she’s written it as a 52-week plan, it’s not set in stone and you can either do it in any order which interests you or do several at a time in order to reap all the benefits the book has to offer faster.

Following the book as she has intended for her readers to do is akin to taking baby steps to attain reach your goal. Each week is comprised of 3 steps [primarily to begin with] and has a web link which goes into greater detail.  It’s amazing how the small changes you’re asked to make will benefit you in the end. And at the end of each week’s item there’s an appropriate thought provoking quote.

I would love to see this book, which is currently only available as a paperback, converted to a KINDLE Edition so the greatest number of individuals could benefit from it. For wanting all those who read this book to begin having a healthier lifestyle, I’m giving this book 5 STARS.


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