Monday, February 16, 2015


After having read/reviewed several adult books, including some which could be considered as being erotic; and despite the fact I’ve just read/reviewed one item geared for children I felt I still needed to read one more to clear my mind from the adult nature of the books I’ve recently reviewed.

This led me to one of the three TBR lists I have, and to select a book written by an author I’ve previously reviewed, Dakota Douglas [“ANTics”].  For this outing as a Book Reviewer I’ve chosen to read/review “Woof.”

“Woof” is actually a collection of two stories. In the first story, “A Dog’s Life,” Jeremy switches places with a stray dog he calls Rufus which seems to attached itself to him. This immediately brought into my mind a Disney movie entitled “The Shaggy Dog” but unlike this movie the transformation is not caused by an ancient ring. As a dog Jeremy can now play soccer when he couldn’t before, in addition to which he now is chasing cats and has to search for scraps of food to eat.

With Rufus’ behaving as if he would still be a dog, Jeremy’s work/career obsessed parents have, after going to a doctor, finally begun to lob some long overdue attention on him as they suddenly take him to the movies, bowling, etc.

After a while Jeremy begs Rufus to change back to their own bodies and previous lives. Rufus’ response? Well it’s there in the story which you’ll have to read to find out.

In the second story, “A Boy’s Best Friend” Jeremy is too attentive to his school work to pay any attention to Rufus. Rufus has now become bored with his daily existence of chasing cats, wants to have excitement in his life. His wish is soon answered as he overhears Jeremy’s parents talk about a robbery in the neighbor. And like the “The Shaggy  D.A.” Rufus is now on the trail of the robbers instead of spies.
Will things at Turner household ever return to the way things used to be before Rufus became part of their household?

“Woof” is a delight fantasy adventure for children age 7 and up.  It’s also a fun read for parents who secret yearn to be a child again so they can fantasize about the stories as well.
As Rufus would rate this book, it’s “Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof. Woof,” or in human-speak, 5 STARS.


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