Monday, February 2, 2015


If you’re looking for a quick read, a quick read which won’t disappoint you, a quick read as you slowly sip your morning cup of Joe; then you’ve found it in this short story written by Karen Black.

The moment you begin reading Mountain Justice, and before you can blink your eyes, the author has you witnessing the brutal abuse Annie has suffering through at the hands of her husband George. Running after her as she tries to escape, George succeeds in catching up to her, he drags her back home and despite her being about five months pregnant, he repeating throws her to the floor.

Luckily for Annie, Rob, the veterinarian who takes care of her horse Czar happens upon the scene and knocks George out with a punch to his face. The sheriff is called, George gets arrested, the baby dies, and George gets sent to prison for five years, and Annie files for divorce.

Unfortunately, the moment George gets released, he returns to resume where he’d left off with Annie, relentlessly abusing her once again. However, this time aid comes from an unexpected source, and Rob has to save George for the moment. Rob takes him up to the hills, away from Annie and leaves him there.

Who came to Annie’s aid this time?  What happened to George at the top of the hill?  I’m not saying, you’ll have to read this beautifully written and extremely emotional short story to find out. But one thing you can count on here, Mountain Justice did come and saved the day for all concerned.

Since I can’t argue with Mountain Justice, I must give this endeavor by Karen Black 5 Stars.


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