Monday, February 2, 2015


I received a signed copy of this through a giveaway on GoodReads. The following is my honest opinion for the book.

As I read this book images of my watching the original “Escape From New York” staring Kurt Russell came to mind. In the movie, Kurt is sent in to rescue the President of the United States and the precious cargo the plane been carrying out of the island of Manhattan, which had been turned into a maximum security prison.

Instead of a prison the author gives us a town in which every manner of low life, criminals, murders and sex fiends has made it into what it is today; and where the guy who runs the damn place wants to sure it dies with everyone currently living there. But there’s no President for the hero of the story to rescue, instead it is his daughter he needs to find and to bring safely back home.
While the clues he finds brings him closer to his quarry, it also brings back his troubled past he must now face again like running into his estranged wife.
With all the plot twists the author has skillfully written into the storyline it soon becomes apparent to Russell Carver it won’t be as easy as he had imagined. What might appear to be a simple hallucination to the unwary is in fact a stark reality which might be extremely deadly. It is through the author’s writing you’re sucked right in, accompanying Russell as he seeks to complete his mission, vividly envisioning the sights and sounds he does.

For the exciting, page turning experience I had in reading this book, I can’t hesitate but give “Factory Town” 5 STARS.

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