Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I’d would have responded sooner but I’m now in a great support as you probably tell from my previous post entitled “WEEKLY STATUS REPORT # 7.”

Anyway for my response this week for Lillie’s prompt word of “FEATHERS,” I’ve decided to return to the acrostic format I’ve done so many times previously.

Patience Has Its Rewards

FErn has enjoyed her summer job at the local zoo for several years.

AT one end of it you had all the wild animals like lions, bears, giraffes and elephants.

HEre and there you might spot one of the ten peacocks which had free range at the zoo.

oaming through the zoo Fern’s job included helping its visitors helping help in find the animals they came to see.

Saturday Fern finally found her 25th peacock feather, enabling her to complete the open fan of feathers on the wall of her room she started on the first day of her summer job ten years ago.


  1. 25 feathers in ten years! I thought there'd be more! Lovely way btw to use an acrostic :)

    1. THANKS for your compliment regarding my use of the acrostic format in writing this. I find it relatively easy when the prompt word consists of only 5 letters. The difficulty increases with each pair of letters I use from the prompt word, in this case I had 3 pairs to contend with; each pair reduces the number of words I can use to begin each sentence, and the words I down use reduces further with each new sentence since it needs to continue the story I've planned to write.

      Feathers are not easy to find as they could be in the woods of the zoo and not in plain sight. Don't forget about visitors to the zoo who might have found others.

      Have a GREAT DAY today - Thursday

  2. Really lovely, Robin :) Loved this form of writing.
    I know treating a word as an abbreviation & then expanding each letter...
    Looks like Peacock feathers are tough to find if we just wait for them to fall/ be shed off by the bird.
    I have read of cases where the poor birds have been killed just for their feathers...

    1. THANKS for your wonderful compliment Anita.

      I don't think I treat the word as an abbreviation; I tend to treat the prompt word as an entire picture and basis from which I create my Five Sentence Fiction response. Each of the five sentences which Lilllie McFerrin's readers use form a component of the entire, hopefully powerful, story being written. I see you’ve written a few of these FSFs so you know what I mean.

      I use a theme or idea which from the title/framework of the story I want to write/tell. As I’ve written several times already in my response to the comments I receive, I enjoy the added level of difficulty which using an acrostic format adds to whatever is being written. It forces me of think of words which start with the letters of the prompt word as you read down on the left. The more letters in the prompt word the harder it becomes to think of words which will logically continue the story being created. This is the first time I’ve been able to write my FSF using a prompt word of 8 letters. There had been a definite sense of accomplishment when I realized I’d been successful in this endeavor.

      I’ve found writing these FSF is a great way of getting the creative juices flowing inside those little grey cells of the thing we call our brain, especially when you’re suffering from the dreaded condition known as “Writer’s Block.”