Sunday, April 6, 2014


I had a fantastic week this week, especially in regards to my untitled YA Fantasy novella. This week I wrote 5 Chapters consisting of 19 pages and about 5,800 words; which now brings the total to 8 Chapters, 30 pages and approximately 9,225 words.

The end of the tunnel is moving closer and closer with each page I write now for “His Darkest Secret,” for in the past week I’ve written another chapter consisting of 3 pages and approximately 700 words, which bring the total for this endeavor to a total of 39 Chapters, 255 pages with approximately 74,300 words [which includes a correction from last week.]  Getting this close it’s getting harder to determine the exact number of chapters still needed to complete this endeavor, as the number of chapters are dependent on how each of the final chapter is played out as they’re being written. But the end is in sight and the elusive final period is at long last will be typed.

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 88 items with 1 new one item having been written in the past week. This leaves me with only 12 more items to write for my goal of 100 Flash Fictions and the long process of self-editing begins before it is handed over to a second set of eyes.

With all the progress I’ve made in the other three endeavors this week my fourth and final project, “It Had All Been a Game” got placed on the back burner.

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