Sunday, April 13, 2014


For "His Darkest Secret" the end of the tunnel got closer this past week with an additional chapter being completed consisting of 5 pages and about 1,340 words; with the grand total of 40 Chapters, 260 pages, and approximately 75,650 words. The day for the typing of the elusive final period is close at hand.

My anthology of Flash Fiction is up to 89 items with 2 new items having been written in the past week. This leaves me with only 11 more items to write for my goal of 100 Flash Fictions and the long process of self-editing begins before it is handed over to a second set of eyes.

With everything I’ve done above and my increasing my presence on LinkedIn and FaceBook [my regular account and LIKING people] I had little time to write anything else. Hopefully, next week everything will fall into place and I can return to making progress on all four of my projects. If I’m lucky, I can actually see myself completing “His Darkest Secret” and possibly the anthology I’m working on by the end of this month; and then I’ve got to begin my multi-step procedure to self-edit my manuscripts before turning them over to someone else, provided I’ve got the funds, to proofread/edit them; then followed, by raising the necessary funds to actually self-publish them through CreateSpace.

THANKS for being a follower and your kind support.

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