Friday, November 8, 2013


As I predicted, with my OH home for this week my ability to write a chapter a day would be almost impossible.  Luckily we had a slight change in our schedule.  We went up to the mall in Stamford CT on Wednesday instead of yesterday as planned; and with the rainy day we had yesterday [Thursday] I stood home doing my writing, while my OH had gotten an earlier appointment with the foot doctor than originally planned.

Yesterday, I got to write one chapter. However, before I copied and pasted it into the actual manuscript, I read it one more time and realized I actually could split this chapter into two.  The end result is I got two chapters, both with six pages; the first one had about 1,725 words and the second one had about 1,650 words.

My Total Manuscript Count now stands at:
Chapters = 23
Pages = 155
Words = 45,117

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