Sunday, November 3, 2013


It’s Sunday night, and about 11:15 PM. It had been a late this morning, I remained in bed while my OH got dressed to go out to get our copy of the New York Times.  I ate no breakfast so I could be free to indulge myself at the Indian buffet we go to once a month.  After all, today they celebrate Dewali, the joyful festival of light [if I’m not mistaken], and I knew from past experience today’s buffet would quite extension, with additional hot/cold items, several desserts [which they usually don’t have].

Returning home and having over indulged “slightly” at the buffet, I knew I needed to take a nap. With nap time over, I caught up with all of my emails.  I so much wanted to watch to tribute episode for Marcia Wallace on “The Simpson” however I didn’t know it would be shown at 7:30 PM.  The good thing is our cable provider has a free On Demand for Fox’s Sunday night lineup.
Yes my OH and I love watching Fox’s Animation. However after “The Simpsons” I decided I needed to keep to the commitment I made concerning the writing of my current romance endeavor, which is to write a chapter a day.

Well today, I’ve succeeded in doing it for a third time. The chapter I wrote to day has eight pages with about 2,350 words.

The Total Manuscript Count now stands at:

Chapters = 18
Pages = 120
Words = Approximately 34,925

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