Sunday, February 19, 2012


Several years ago I began to write a contemporary/paranormal romance manuscript. Notice I said manuscript and not a book. A book is something that is published, whether it be traditional or self-published like CreateSpace [CreateSpace is owned by Amazon, and it's the place I'm going to use once I'm ready to publish.
But why paranormal? Perhaps it is simply because I found the words flowed easier for me to get them into WORD than any other genre. The contemporary I mentioned in the above was intended to be for adults, and for some reason my mind had difficulty in writing for this age group. So I decided to write for a much younger audience, which I found easier to write for.
With 80% of my manuscript done I found an editor, who I feel has done a GREAT JOB in editing my writing. She somehow knows what I had in mind to say as she edits everything, And the strange thing is: it sounds like me as well.

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