Thursday, February 23, 2012


Mary is rather plain looking, and smart as a whip. When Jonathan moves to her neighborhood and joins her class, she's volunteers to help him with his studies so he'll be able to join the school's baseball team.
The relationship begins to grow, despite his becoming popular with the other boys in the school and most of the girls. They both like each other for being themselves. But their relationship comes to an aburpt end. Mary has to move away because her father has gotten a promotion on his job. She decides to do something special, and devises a plan to give him a kiss, the first kiss she had ever given to a boy.
Once in her new house, she quickly discovers that she has a specter living there as well. Their friendly relationship starts to grow. When summer is over, she's finally able to start making friends, everyone had been away at camp. The only problem is they continually tease her about being haunted, and continually to go inside her house because of it. Little do they realize the house does have a real ghost living there.
George helps Mary with her homework, and starts to take her in his past, the past in which he was still alive. Eventually Mary begins to love going into past. The problem with her friends never wanting to come into her house is there until Mary decides to have a Halloween party, a Halloween party for which no one could refuse to go to. In the days after the party is over, her friends finally decide it would be okay go inside to play,
What does George do to help Mary with her homework? What happens when George takes Mary into the past? How does their relationship develop? What happens at the Halloween party to make them change their minds to play with Mary inside her house? Is there another kiss involved, and what happens if and when it does occur? These questions and others will be answered when my book is finally published.
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