Sunday, February 19, 2012


Even though I have sent my editor 80% of my planned manuscript, a problem developed, a problem in which the amount I had planned to write vanished.  The only thing that comes to my about this is that the best laid plans of mice and men oft times go astray. And it appears the same can be said of authors. Here I am, moving going with my writing and interacting with my editor without a real care in the world, when all of sudden a barrier pops up, hindering the flow of work.The barrier. Yes, the barrier is what some author on this planey has to face each day. The barrier is one of continunity, where what you have just written conflicts with something you've written in a previous chapter, and it could a pair of keen eyes of an editor to point out. And sometimes the author finds this issue in something the editor has suggested for you to change.
Now it's my turn to search out the source of my continunity problems

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