Sunday, February 19, 2012


What happens when your BEST LAID PLANS deteriorate even futher?  And this is what has happened to me, things come to a FULL STOP. When this happens an author has succumed to the most dreaded of all maladies, that of a "MENTAL/WRITER'S BLOCK." This occurs when for one reason or other he/she can no longer think of anything else to write; the mind has become a complete blank.
What can an author do in an attempt to remedy the situation, he/she can:
A. Just take a break from writing a few days to allow the brain to rejuvenate itself.
B. Read a book / watch a movie / take a day trip to get away from the regular environment you write in.
C. Or just re-read what you've written so far slowly, this way you can pick up any errors in continuity.
D. Re-read what you've already written aloud. By doing this you can pick up additional errors because you're now listening to what you've written instead of merely reading it. [Familiarity breeds contempt] Even better is to get someone else to read for you, because your mind now only needs to pay attention to what it's hearing instead of having to read and listen to it.
What works for someone, does not mean it will work for everyone else. As for yourself right now I'm taking a break, then it's back to a re-read to tighten up everything I've already written.
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  1. You could also try writing something different, totally unconnected to what you're currently working on. There are so many amazing writing prompt sites out there. Or just do like I do, open up the dictionary, pick a word and write. It's fun. Or do a photo prompt. A lot of times, working on something entirely random will help spark that creativity again :)

    Megan Wille, Author