Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I received a print copy of this book from a giveaway on and the following is my honest review for it.

It appears I’m once again posting the first review for a book I’ve read here on Amazon which makes it clear I couldn’t be influenced by any other review.

As I read “The Musing of a Carolina Yankee” I had difficulty deciding whether the author is a guy from the northern east corner of the United States who believes is a “Good Old Southern Boy,” or a “Good Old Southern Boy” who has gotten lost up in the north and can’t for the life of him find his way back home to Carolina.

Regardless of which story I read I found a typical stereotyped good old southern boy element which added a certain charm to each one. Had the author not included this I feel the stories would be rather bland. 

The use of southern pronunciations throughout the book also added to each story’s rustic quality.

The shortness of each story makes it quite conducive to read the book when you have nothing else to do.

Without anyone hold a shotgun at my back I’m happy to give this 4 no make it 5 STARS. 

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