Wednesday, March 4, 2015


This is the second time I’ve been fortunate to have won a copy of this author’s plays. The first had been a collection of two one act plays in a book entitled “Spitting Daisies & Communicating through the Sunset.” The following review is my honest opinion of the book.

It appears I’m the first one to be reviewing this book and as such it’s a somewhat intimidating experience since there is no one who has come before me to influence what I’m writing for my own review.

Just as there is a different between reading prose [regular writing] and poetry, the same difference applies to reading plays. I find reading plays really forces me to use my imagination to envision what is happening on the pages I’m reading. Needless to say the stage directions given for an actual production of Ms. Kerri Kochansk’s play does help in this endeavor.

If anyone has ever read or seen the play “The Vagina Monologues” you will have a basic simplistic idea of what “The Food Monologues” is like. Both of these plays deal with issues which women deal with almost every day of their lives; while one deals openly with a sexual organ and their feelings about all the things related to it; the other deals with their love/hate relationship to food in addition to ideas regarding their own body image.

As “The Food Monologues” progresses we are witness to a series of vignettes by various women each talking about their experiences regarding eating/dieting, weight loss/gain, eating disorders, the stigma of social perception/expectations regarding women and their shapes, and of course the implication of all this on the important factor known as beauty.

I extremely doubt any woman would not be able see themselves to some extend in at least 9 to 10 of the 37 characters in this play. For having the fortitude to tell it the way it is, I can’t deny Ms. Kochanski the 5 STARS I’m giving her book.

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