Sunday, July 3, 2016


I received a signed paperback edition of this book through a giveaway the author recently had on GoodReads and the following is my honest opinion.

Even before I’d opened the envelopment the book had arrived I had a basic idea of what to expect in the flash fictions being offered. But the moment I removed the book from the envelope I immediately saw how KINKY this book would be; for not only did the author wrapped the book with white paper which had been taped, but Mr. TREMBLE had ingeniously tied the paper wrapping with twine in a manner comparable to a master tying his ivory skinned slave into bondage. Luckily with a little patience I was able to release the book from its bondage without cutting the twine. To see a sample of the ways he uses twine in this matter, check out his account on Tweeter.

In regards to the Flash Fictions contained in this book; if you’re into erotic and especially BDSM, the few words being offered on each page is enough for you mentally paint an entire picture, complete with a narrative and dialogue. You also might also be able to feel the sensations the characters are experiencing. I know the skill it takes to do this successfully since I’ve written an anthology of Flash Fiction myself, albeit without anything sexual, and therefore applaud Mr. Tremble for his writing skill here.

The end of the book contains material essential to a meaningful relationship between a Master and his slave; such as an interview, how far a particular slave would go in regards to certain activities, etc.

For giving readers of this genre precisely what they’re looking for; I’ve given 5 STARS to this book.


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