Tuesday, April 5, 2016


With all the genres I read since starting my 2nd second career since retiring as a Book Reviewer I believe this is the first book I’ve read/review in the Christian Romance.

Having written a MG/YA paranormal romance novel myself I found it refreshing to read something which focuses on the more loving aspects of love and romance instead of sensually and sexually intense many of romance readers tend to read. This is not to say someone who reads the any of the three stories contained in this book won’t be able to fantasize about being the female protagonist; I believe they will, because I did.

Each of the four wonderful authors of this book: Julie Jarnagin, Susan Crawford and Rene Gutteridge/Cheryl McKay have created a world in which the prime importance attached to it is the potential value and goodness of real everyday people and their needs, both personal and spiritual; instead of an artificial one which some might consider fake and sinful.

For the wholesome romantic reading experience created by these authors, I’m giving this compilation of stories 5 STARS.

UK:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R3OFZ2J4ODJ55P

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