Tuesday, February 2, 2016


During the first week of The Romance Reviews Year End Splash Party I won an e-book copy of this book and for that I’ve written my honest opinion this book.

What young girl doesn’t fantasize even at a young age about becoming a princess and finding a prince she can fall in love with. And as they get older the characters in the books she reads mature along with her. In this book June Eyermann is such a girl, a girl who’s on the border of crossing over to womanhood.

Being the true bibliophile she is, June has taken a particular quality of a certain male character from several of the classic books she adores reading to form her own fantasy male. From Wuthering Heights she’s taken Heathcliff, from Jane Eyre she’s taken Rochester, and from Pride and Prejudice she’s taken Darcy. And just like Danny Kaye’s character did in the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, June’s mind drifts off to one of her books when she sees or hears certain things.

When June returns home from her first year of college she desperately needs something to occupy her time with; and what better way could a book lover like her to have than to take a voluntary position at the local library where she can be with all the characters she loves. Even with her characters close at hand, June has her ultimate nameless male character floating around in her mind.

For June to have a fantasy character on her mind is one thing, but to have him suddenly appear in real life is a totally different matter. As you read this book, Ms. Penny has made sure you’ve stepped into June’s shoes as her heart begins to race every time he’s in her presence even after witnessing his fierce sensitivity and having discovered his mysterious past.

If you’ve read things by Lord Byron then you’ll understand precisely what June is thinking about those heroines and that she’s fearful becoming one herself in real life. June is determined that hers will be one which will end in a happily ever after, but to know whether or not she gets it, you’ll have to read this book.

This book is right on target with its intended audience of young girls and will create wonderful memories for those who are somewhat older, which is why I’ve given Ms. Penny 5 STARS for her debut endeavor.

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