Friday, October 16, 2015

BOOK REVIEW # 2015-128 - DONALD GASKIN - The Meanest Man in America

After having three books written by Jack Rosewood in his “True Crime by Evil Killers” series; when I found he had added this book to the series, I had requested an e-book copy of it in return for my honest opinion and which he’d graciously honored my request.

Donald Gaskins didn’t earn the title of “The Meanest Man in America” for nothing; just read the life destiny had “forced” him to live. Try to imagine if you will being brought my a mother who had totally neglected you in your formable years to such an extend you didn’t even know your own name until your first appearance in court when they called your name and someone had to tell you it’s you.

Having no supervision from his mother he became a wild animal and the fact he received regular beatings from his various “stepfathers” didn’t help matters either. Given his relatively small stature he got the nickname of “PeeWee,” which is the probable cause of his getting repeatedly raped at reform school.

To Gaskins, killing became a way of life; he killed because of a variety of reasons which even included getting paid. He even killed a death row inmate for money. In his autobiography, Final Truth, Gaskins wrote about his having a mind which told him he had the "permission to kill" certain to kill.

Once again this author has succeeded in culling out all of the unnecessary information regarding this infamous serial killer to give his readers a concise biography. For giving all those who read this book, I’m giving Mr Rosewood’s endeavor here 5 STARS.


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