Monday, October 5, 2015


I won an e-book edition of this book written by Amber Daulton through her giveaway on LibraryThing recently and the following in my honest opinion.

This story is an updated version of the old folk tale which practically very young girl has read as a child and since that day has dreamt of finding someone who would become her own Prince Charming. Have you ever have this dream?

In her book, Annalise Gallagher is Cinderella and Elijah Burleigh is her Prince Charming. But unlike her who was beautiful, but wore rags; Annalise had beautiful clothes looks quite ordinary.

One night Annalise and her three girlfriends find a magical locket and each make the same wish to look extremely beautiful and wake up the next morning, their wishes fulfilled. However, the magic will only last for 24 hours, midnight to midnight.

When she wakes up Annalise and see her wish has been granted, goes to him and is totally surprised when he invites her to be his guest at his friend’s wedding later that evening. When she meets him later she’s dressed in a haute couture gown straight from Paris, vowing to make the most of the time she has left to be with him.

But with no Fairy Grandmother around her appearance to the way her Prince had seen her the previously night, but what will happen Annalise awakes and Elijah sees her the way she normally looks like?  Will he demand to know what happened; or will she wake to find him waiting for her to wake and ask if he can do anything for her?  Until you read this book, you’ll just have to dream about what happens.

As I read this book the author’s writing has been such that at times I felt as if I’d been a shadow watching what’s transpiring in front of me, which is why I’m giving this book FIVE STARS.



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