Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Before becoming a Book Reviewer I’d never been a real on-going reader of books, but since becoming one and I’m beginning to enjoy reading every genre of books. Which is why I’m happy to have won the first three volumes [e-books] of the series these books are part of, as this is the first real adult mystery/suspense series I’ve begun to read. The following is my honest opinion for Volume 1 of this series, “Always Cambridge.”

In “Always Cambridge,” H K Carlton takes us, as if we’ve been watching the episodic storylines of “The Sopranos”, into the life of a little girl, Holly Cambridge as she grows from being a naïve child who has no realization of the type of family fate has chosen her to have been born into to realizing it all too well.  

Holly lives an almost cloistered life and can’t understand, at her young age, why she can’t play like the rest of limited circle of friends, or why she has some “huge” grownup constantly watching her every move only a few feet away while no one else her age does.  Growing up, she slowly begins to realize and understand the reality of her daily existence and the mob moss family she has had the luck or misfortune to have been born into.

When Holly turns that “sweet sixteen” and begins her long journey into womanhood, her family assigns a much younger and better looking man, Randy Phillips, to be her new bodyguard. With unfamiliar hormones coursing through her young body, Holly, the now extremely vulnerable young woman, looks at her new ever present companion as a friend and confident with an almost god-like attraction she can’t understand.

Randy, on the other hand, understands his young charge’s behavior towards him, and is thrilled to have Holly’s idolization. However, he knows what his limitations are and wisely maintains an appropriate distance from her.

The author’s writing is clear and vivid when it comes to the authentic dialogue and interaction within her family and with other mob families; which for me made an exciting, page turning experience.

When Holly gets injured during a bloody and deathly on-going rival family confrontation, the association she has had with Randy gets unexpectedly changed forever. You might be able to envision what’s going on here, but you’ll have to read this book to find out for sure; as well as what happens as she becomes a real woman.

At the present time, no matter how much I’d love to read the other two volumes I’ve received, I can’t.  As a Book Reviewer, I’m not afforded that sort of luxury. I did however take a very brief look at the beginning of next volume, and as the author, herself, has promised, there’s a seamless transition between the two volumes. This seamless transition makes it seem as if the two volumes had originally been one, and got separated later by the author.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to come back to this series and read the next two volumes I’ve received. So, with no one holding a gun to my head, I’m giving this volume of the “Always Cambridge” series, 5 STARS.

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