Saturday, January 17, 2015


I won a signed copy of this book through a giveaway on FaceBook.  The following is my honest opinion for the book

I enjoyed reading this detailed fictional memoir of Bethany Drake and the relationship she had with her polar positive Adam Blaire. While she had no problems developing relationships with men who she’d had in her mind would ask her to marry, her last breakup wound up creating a complete mental turnaround and now has sworn never to get involved with another male.
As for Anthony, he’s a true womanizer who perpetually changes his relationships. He’s the type of a woman would care to get involved with due his lack of wanting to be committed in a relationship.

Yet more some reason, their relationship click the moment their eyes meet on a flight from Los Angeles to Toronto as they wound up in an encounter in a hotel suite once they arrived. And the mental commitments they made to themselves were now thrown to the winds. The Kismet they experienced made it basically impossible to get the other out of their mind and from under their skins; but this is something which neither wanted to really acknowledged.

The descriptive writing and dialogue throughout the book pulled me right into many scenes to such an extent that sometimes I felt as if I might have been an unseen presence witnessing/hearing everything transpiring in front of my eyes.

Their relationship, like any other, was not a smooth one; rather it had been like a rollercoaster ride, full of its ups and downs. What happens at the end of this story, I’m not revealing, you’ll have to read the book to find out. What I will say is that Deborah Ann concludes Bethany’s memoir with appropriate two words, “The End.” 

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